What can i build out of a container?

You're only limited by your imagination and budget - we can build anything and appreciate custom projects that are complex - from multi-unit retail/offices (14 containers), to biomass gasification plants (4 containers), to custom homes (6+ containers), to mobile bars (1 container) - we've done it all. Contact us and let's talk about your vision.

How much does a container cost?

Containers start at ~$2k, with prices based on quality, availability, and size. Our parent company - Overcon Containers - specializes in container sales and transportation.

What are the different sizes & Shapes?

The 2 most common container sizes are 20' and 40' long. All containers measure 8' wide, and they come in two different heights - 8'6'' (standard) or 9'6'' (High-cube). We offer new (one-trip) containers as well as used containers in three different grades (Top, Mid, and Base). 

Is delivery included?

The cost to deliver a container depends on where you're located and the location itself. We use specialized container trailers that require a certain amount of space to off-load & pick-up (60'-80'). Typically you're looking at $4/mile originating from the Denver area. 

Is it legal to build out of containers?

Yes. Every municipality has their own set of building codes and regulations but we're very familiar with the nuances within different jurisdictions and have worked hard to educate city officials about the benefits of upcycling shipping containers. We build everything to code, are completely transparent, and make sure that your container solution is a above board. 

What are the ENVIRONMENTAL benefits?

Upcycling shipping containers is sustainable development in its purest form... We're taking old steel boxes and transforming them into beautiful buildings and vibrant businesses and homes. You'll realize tremendous LEED points, giving you the ability to apply for steep tax breaks depending on your local/state/federal sustainability programs and grants.