Tiny Home

The idea of living smaller and with more mobility is here to stay and our solution utilizes a recycled shipping container. 

Our modified shipping container tiny homes are completely customizable, built to code, and a shining example of sustainable living. Since our solution is not on wheels, we don't fall into the same code classifications and hindrances other tiny homes face - with the container home you just build a foundation (helical piers or a slab), hook it up, and go! These containers are mobile, although not as mobile as a home on wheels, so there are tradeoffs to consider. 

  • ~300 Square Feet
  • Fully insulated w/ R32 around the entire container
  • On-grid or off-grid solutions
  • 40' High Cube container - New or Used
  • Customizable
  • Sustainable
  • Durable

Tiny House Tour of our modified shipping container home


Agile Living

Agile living: The concept of living in mobile containers and having towers and/or locations throughout the world that would allow people to live and own their home but not be restricted to the land.

Here we've chosen to use upcycled shipping containers as the medium given their sustainability factor combined with ease of transportation within the supply chain. By creating developments in various locations throughout the world, people will be able to move their home between the developments and not be confined to a large land and home investment in one location. This modern 'mobile home' and 'RV park' concept address concerns of rising density problems while giving everyone from college graduates to retired Baby Boomers the option to roam. By upcycling rugged and durable shipping containers we minimize environmental impact and recognize future transportation modalities will integrate shipping containers into their design capabilities (i.e. hyperloop) given their importance in the supply chain.

Ultimately, the standardization of the exterior of the container allows for scalability while giving us many options of interior customization. Given the affordability of container home manufacturing and relative low cost to transport, the concept of moving monthly is achievable. We also hope to help solve problems related to scalable affordable housing, independent living for veterans and people with disabilities, as well as curing wanderlust homesickness.

Imagine you're living in a Denver container high-rise and would like to move to a beach in San Diego. Ship your container home a couple days ahead and follow your home out to your new beach house. Looking like a good winter in Whistler? Ship up the container crib and spend a month making turns. Got a new gig on the oil slope in North Dakota? Send out your humble abode and rest easy. Ready to retire? Forget the RV or snowbird life and enjoy traveling the world in your custom designed container home.